Terence McKenna

Friday, 4 February 2011

Thanks to my FaceBook friend Romik Kimor i got to see a video of an interview with Terence McKenna that i had never seen or heard of.

Terence talks about Time, and the way the I-Ching seems to describe Time, and about the model that he made of of these ideas.
It is one of the best talks on this fascinating idea that i have heard, so here it is:



2011-03-09 14:23:15

Love the Terence Illustration. I run the McKennaArchive on YouTube and would like to use your work as the image for an audio video. Let me know if you’re cool with this and if you have a prefered talk i should use it with. I’ll post a link back to this post and a link to your blog on the channel page.



2011-03-09 14:26:00

Forgot to click the email notification. Great touch with the hair-text.



2011-03-09 20:46:43

Hello Blimp, i would be honoured if you used the illustration! What is the url of the archive?


2011-03-09 23:09:44

Thats so cool man, thank you. The url is…
what name should i use for the credit, frits?


2011-03-09 23:44:44

Hello Blimp,
Frits Jonker is okay.
I am actually a comic letterer. If you ever need a comic style lettering for the McKenna Archive, just ask. I love your archive.


2011-03-10 16:22:37

Hey Frits, thank you for the kind offer. I was just looking at your work for the ‘Pakistan’ LP on Sublime Frequencies…i have this album, i’ve changed the cover in my itunes to your original concept :)
The comic cover you sent looks beutiful, i love the idea, great stuff. I’ve put your illustration up with ‘Appereciating Imagination’ it seemed fitting as i appreciate yours my friend.

I also have a music blog you may enjoy…

I’m really liking your site here & will speak to you soon.

Thank you again,


2011-09-15 21:30:32

this picture is fantastic!!!!!! very creative!

Peter Meyer

2012-02-22 10:11:15

TWZ fans should check out the site at — which has an online timewave calculator.

Natalia Galeano

2012-04-14 00:10:55


what does the text say?

This is really cool!! Good work..