Stad van klei

Sunday, 6 February 2011

You must have lived on mars not to have noticed that Milan Hulsing has a new book out:

You cannot expect any objectivity from me on this subject, but let me tell you that this a brilliant somic story. Milan based the scenario on a Egyptic novel by Mohamed El Bisati, but it is exactly the kind of story that you can expect from a mind like Milan’s. It reminded me of the work of Philip K. Dick, because in ??”Stad van klei” the barriere between mind and realtity is also blurred, justy as in many of Philip K. Dick’s stories.
The Dutch media pays a lot of attention to the book, because it is about the corruption in Egypt. The comic was even released on the very day that the Day of the Revolution was called out in Cairo. That is a strange synchronicity that Philip K. Dick would have loved.
The artwork is just as good as the story. It is all done in sandy colours and very dreamlike. Here are two random pages:

Of course, i will check your bookcase on my next visit to your place, so don’t dissapoint me.