Saturday, 6 March 2010

The idea that everything simply “is”, and nobody is in control over anything, is perfectly expressed in a frequently used Dutch saying. But just as most people seem to interpret Life in a completely wrong way, so is language. Often little change is needed to bring back the original, true meaning:

The illusion that we have control over what happens, is so complete that I rarely talk about it with people that I meet. This is not something funny: if it is understood, it means the end of one’s complete personal life. It means to realise that all we think about our individual selves is an illusion. It is an 180 degrees change of perspective. To ”Perceive ALL is what the old alchemists called the Holy Grail.
To see the One&All in everything has some side effects that interest me often even more than the whole phenomenon itself. Most of all the changed relation that people, who had the Oneness-experience, have with words. Almost everybody who gets a glimpse of this Open Secret, thinks that language is part of the illusion. In other words: we think that we have control over language, but in fact it seems to be the other way around. Language is trying to tell us the truth, but we don’t listen.
I know that these are the kind of ideas that people get locked up for in mental hospitals. But that is because most people in which this insight is beginning to seep through are not prepared to deal what they get to see, hear and think. We live in a culture that is completely drenched in the illusion so anybody who is seeing through it, must know how to deal with his or her position: on the one hand you know without a doubt that Life is an illusion, but on the other hand you know that everybody else doesn’t know this and there is no way to show or tell them. You can always try, of course, but if you try to hard, people will think that you are crazy.
Here is a song in which this idea is expressed in a way that gives me goosebumps every time I hear it. Please listen to the words!



2010-03-06 20:30:03

I accidently stumbled on this song a couple of years ago: it immediately hit home. The version I got was from Ray Lamontagne and I also got goosebumps from it. Check it out:



2010-03-17 21:15:44

jezus wat mooi!