Stabilo Woody´s (part 2)

Thursday, 25 March 2010

When I write this I have been in bed for 24 hours with fever. It started out of nothing, as if I was hit with a hammer. I had a night filled with feverish dreams, which I happen to enjoy quite a bit. Fever has a similar effect as drugs, as long as I am able surrender to it. Last night I had beautiful visions of artworks. It felt like floating through an infinite museum. As always, the images that I can remember are way out of reach of my abilities to reproduce them.
I am still working with the Stabilo Woody pencils. After the “trees” it became more and more abstract drawings. Until ten years ago I couldn’t see any value in abstract art, but that has changed. Not only can I see beauty and quality in abstract works of others, I feel a growing desire to make abstract drawings myself. But, unlike figurative work, I have no idea about the quality. Especially not because making a drawing like this takes little to no effort at all:

But what makes this drawing better or less good than for example this one:

Or these ones?

I think I can see great difference in quality in these drawings, but how objective is that?



2010-03-25 15:32:10

Gaat zo door, Frits… Van harte feverschap! :)