Greatist It

Saturday, 13 March 2010

I happen to be in contact with Marco Kalnenek, who runs WM recordings. WMR is an internet music label. There are many more of such labels, and I used to try and to follow what kind of music is released on these labels. But about three years ago I realised that I spend hours searching for music that I barely listened to, so I gave that up.Now I just listen to what crosses my way, and that makes life a lot easier.
A few days ago I got a mail from Marco about a sampler made by six of Internet music labels: Up it up, Ego Twister, Peppermill, Proot, Cock Rock Disco, and WM Recordings.

I could download it for free and because I had nothing to do today, I listened to it right away. I find it difficult to describe this music. It is clear music from people that have heard a lot of records from all possible genres, often made with computers, and overall there is a cartoonlike vibe in this music. But the variation is too wide to do justice to this compilation with so little words. Better check it out yourself!