Tuesday, 23 March 2010

A friend of us has cancer and is dying. We were never extremely close, and the fact that she will die soon doesn’t change that. Still, I wanted to write her more often than I did so far, but I find it hard to find words. This morning I realised that I could also send her a drawing in stead of a letter. I was still trying to figure out how to use the Stabilo Woody’s that I got from Ernest, so I made her a tree:

It felt good, so I made some more trees:

And after a while I wanted to use white paper and my fountain pen, because I thought these trees might be useful for the Kleurplaats project that Arjen and I still plan to start one day. Here are some drawings of trees meant for colouring:

I tried to colour one of these drawings with my Arcsoft scanner software:

If you want better scans than the ones I show here, just ask.