The other side of mONEy

Friday, 5 March 2010

I think that nobody has any control over anything. We can in no way predict what is going to happen next, including what we do ourselves. Things always go different from how we think they will go. We cannot even predict what we are going to say next! I think that we are just instruments of a Force, which I prefer to call Life itself. And this Force is One: Life is One Ridiculous No-Man’s Show.
Our mind has the absurd ability to delude itself completely. Although it is proven 24 hours a day that it has no idea about what is going to happen, it still believes it has control over things. To speak for myself: no matter how hard I try to not to believe my own mind, I am still caught up in the illusion most of the time. Fortunately Life is so utterly absurd that the fact that nobody is in control over anything is reminded to me many times a day. A great example are the recent bank schemes. How many people took these financial comedies as a sign that there is something seriously wrong with their perception (or interpretation) of reality? If there ever has been some demonstration that Life is a Joke, it is what happens with money. But somehow we seem to be so obsessed with money that we cannot easily see that money is part of the Joke that Life plays on us.

What worked for me as a helpful insight, is the idea that we, humans, are basically just instruments to move stuff around on this planet and to do something that we don’t understand at all. This idea of a Great Work exists in countless variations, but usually it is seen as a human endeavour. But I don’t think it has much to do with us. I once read that somebody said that the planet created mankind because it knew that a comet is going to hit Earth: we are Earth’s instrument to do something about this impact. I don’t belief this particular idea, but I do like the concept that we are just an instrument for a much larger purpose than our limited brains can comprehend.
To make sure that we do whatever we are created for, our creator built in us the ability to fool ourselves in thinking that we can do whatever we want and that we have control over what we do. And mONEy is one of tricks that Life uses to keep us from seeing through the illusion.

Here is 45 that the Scotia Bank made back in the days before the no-man show began to become so absurd that I could no longer take it serious.

And here are some excerpts from this record. Please listen close with an open ear to what is said and sung here.



As Tony Parsons once said, Life is an ”open secret”; the hints that it is an illusion of some kind are literally everywhere. I am far from happy with all of this. But I have no idea what can be done about it. It seems to me that nothing can be done about it, except saying and writing that it is not what it seems, like I try to do here.



2010-03-05 22:33:47

One my?
My one (desire) = money!

Language is fun!


2010-05-25 00:08:55

Here’s a TED talk by Dan Dannett that’s related to what you’re saying about people being simply instruments moving “stuff” around you might find interesting. The stuff being “memes” or ideas in this case: