Shad (not dead yet)

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Two people said that it might be nice to publish a daily drawing of Shad. That is a nice idea, but I don’t want Shad to take over this blog. Maybe Shad should get his own little dark corner somewhere else on my site. I still draw him; it is fun to do and there is more than enough material entering our home to abuse.
I think that usually only one of ten Shads are worth really sharing. So far I showed you almost all the drawings that are made, but here is my recent favourite:

I like to do all the photo’s in a newspaper or a magazine, because the result is often very different from what I expect. Often it are the photo’s that I like least that give the best results.
In the past few days I draw Shad in all the pictures in issues of several magazines. Like in this Rigpa Nieuwsbrief:

I get this magazine because I draw a comic for it. I have shown al the previous episodes, but I am still not very pleased with my own drawings. That was the mean reason why I accepted the offer to draw this comic: I do want to learn draw comics or at least to become a little better at it. But it is difficult. Here is the recent episode:

Anyway, there were are about fifteen photo’s in this magazine. After I drew Shad in all of them, I sent the magazine back to the editors, thinking a little more humour would do the magazine no wrong.