Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Last Friday I went to the Melkweg, where a new for the Amsterdam Haven was elected. (Check out all info here) Two hundred songs had been sent in, out of which eight were selected. Friday night these eight bands played their song and after that the jury choose the song played by Zanpf as the winner. I think that the best song was another song, sung by Mick Harren. I don’t know the names of the people who wrote the songs.
The Melkweg was crowded, but the music was not very spectacular. It was all a bit too middle of the road to suit my tatste. But I did like the fact that Mick Harren had organised a choir of 60 old shippers, all dressed up in full gear. That choir alone made up a substantial part of the audience. And all they had to sing was “lalalala”” for fifteen seconds at the end of the song. I thought this was pretty funny. But it didn’t help Mick Harren to win the contest with his song.
The reason I was there, is because I know the bass player in the band of Mick Harren. And he sent me an mp3 of their song. It will probably be your only chance to ever hear it!