Shad (part 5)

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Apart from the things that have to be done, I feel little to no inspiration for doing anything at the moment. Well, I draw a lot of Shads. It feels as if I have little to do with it: I am only an executor, as if Shad is living in my mind and using me as an instrument to draw him. I had similar feelings while working on other projects, but usually that was in states of inspiration. Shad is coming through in a state of near-deathness.
So, after promising that I would not do it, here are again some recent mutilated newspaper pictures:



2010-03-10 22:32:52



2010-03-11 22:52:58

Here comes weather Shad!
That’s a great one! Like the rest as well!

Big Big S M I L E