Monday, 8 March 2010

The new Pulpman is out:

I already have said more than once how much I am fan of the work of Fred de Heij. Just read Pulpman if you want to know why!
Last Sunday I was at the office of his publisher, Ger van Wulften, and saw some of hs paintings hanging on the walls there. Some of these paintings can also be found on the Net, so I downloaded a few of them:

Fred de Heij is getting little to no recognition as a comic artist. That is absurd, because he is one of the best! In Pulpman 6 Fred writes a great story about his encounters with Lombard, one of the big publishing companies. It wouldn’t be so funny if it wasn’t true. In our culture there are so many nitwits on so many places that I don’t expect that people like Fred de Heij will ever get the the credits they deserve. And in a lunatic society like ours, to get credit hardly means anything, because they are often given by people with double agenda’s. Last week I read that Het Stedelijk Mueum has decided not to continue working with Di Sciullo. This designer was appointed to do the house style of the museum about a year ago. In the newspaper I saw the sketches that he had made to get this job:

Art is a matter of taste, and I am not interested in discussions of any kind, but am I the only person who has to laugh when I see these designs?

The contrast between the quality of the work of Fred de Heij and that of the work of Di Sciullo is so big that I wouldn’t know what to say about it. Luckily nobody asks me to explain why one artist is well known and the other not.

Here is a video of band that has the kind of sound I love to listen to. It is a French band called 10lec6:



2010-03-13 10:19:51

I got to read the copy of Pulpman you send me and a couple of his stories are pretty great.