Sjaak Bral

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Somehere around 1985 I was listening to the weekly radio show of Hans Dulfer, which I liked quite a bit. One night he played this song:

It came from a demo tape that Sjaak Bral had sent him. Sjaak Bral had written a letter with the tape, saying that Hans was probably too much an asshole to play this song. Hans in return gave the adress of Sjaak Bral over the air and said that anybody who asked for a tape would get a free copy. I tried and to my surprise I got a tap with eight great demo’s from Sjaak Bral.
Later Sjaak Bral became well known as a comedian/actor but that never impressed me as much as this first demo tape. Here is another track: ”Ik rand juh an”: