CD's from Mark Reeve

Sunday, 22 June 2008

Every envelop that I get from Mark Reeve is good for raising my mood a few levels. His letters are among the most inspiring and thought provoking that I get. Since I do this daily blog I have neglected my part of our correspondence terribly.
In the recent envelop were seven CDr’s. As always, while listening to a CD that I get, I make a cover. This collection of hand lettered CD-covers is beginning to look a lot like a pathological symptom. I mean, I don’t even want to think about how many hours I spend on this work!
Among the CD’s is one of the second LP of The Meteors. I have that LP; I have bought all the first six or seven LP’s that The Meteors released. After that I didn’t like the songs anymore. But the first two LP’s and the LP with rarities are among my all time favourites. Here is one the Meteors song s that i still can’t hear without feeling an adrenaline rush. Man, what a band this was in their early days!

The other CD’s are new to me. Although I already heard the guy ( Bill Wiese ), who supposedly spend 23 minutes in hell, in an other radio show. He thinks/tells it as if it really happened, but as far as I can tell, it happened to him only. And that is something completely different. If there are no other people who tell the same story, it is likely a trick of his mind. The fact that he had the experience in the middle of the night, during the period that the mind has it’s DMT peak, is also an indication that it was an inner experience. That doesn’t make it less real, but I don’t think that it happened in the strange construction that we know as physical reality.
Nurse with wound is a band that I have completely missed. I have some tracks on old tapes, and I have more than once thought that I should do more effort to find out if I like their music, but I never see any second hand records of the band. The music on the CD from Mark is very experimental, and not easy to judge after one time listening.
The same goes for Robert Haigh, who was in Nurse with wound, or recorded with them for a while, if I’m correct.
Alan Watts is one of the thinkers that has had a great influence on my thinking. I have never heard this lecture before and listened to it two times with my ears wide open; there are not much people who can come up with such great metaphors as Allan Watts. But still, while listening to him trying to explain Self–realisation and it’s consequences, I realised that it doesn’t work. Just like you cannot explain an orgasm to little children.
The LP/CD by the Collins sisters is wasted on me; I can’t get into folk music. The instruments, the texts, the emotions, the style of singing… it is all not my cup of tea. I will try it again when I am in a outrageous mood, but this time I gave up halfway the CD.
I did like the Berber music very much. And for any Voodoo ceremony, real or fake, you can always wake me up. Mark had already sent me a tape of this voodoo ceremony years ago, and I had even made a CD of that tape. But I am happy to have it in a better quality now. Here is a track from the Voodoo ceremony:




2008-06-22 08:38:36

A couple of those covers are especially beautiful, like the 23 Minutes in Hell and the Alan Watts one!