Saturday, 7 June 2008

I just got two new 45’s on the Wirl label. Dirk Koorn bought them for me. I tried to find a site that has a discography of that records released on this label, but I couldn’t find it.
I have about twenty-five good to great 45’s on the Wirl label, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they have made a few hundred. Or more!
For most people the ska and reggae records are probably the most important records on the Wirl label, but I go for the slow soul tearjerkers. Like this one by Wendy Alleyne, ”Midnight blue”.

The other 45 that Dirk gave me is one by The Opels. Here is their beautiful cover of the Doris day classic.

The first part shows some SFX, because the vinyl has grown into a 3D object over the years. But when I keep my finger on the element of my record player and push the needle in the groove, there is nothing wrong with this record.

If somebody happens to know more about the Wirl label, I would like to hear that.



2008-06-07 13:15:13


In 1958 former prime minister and current opposition leader Edward Seaga started WIRL (West Indies Recording Limited), issuing songs by popular local performers. Seaga had received an anthropology degree at Harvard in 1952 and had researched Kumina, Pocomania and Obeah practices. He supervised the sessions of a 1955 album of cult music for New York based Ethnic Folkways label and then moved into more commercial territory. WIRL’s records copied the dominant American models: rhythmic ballads and jumping boogies. Seaga’s recorded artists included Wilfred “Jackie” Edwards, Owen Gray, the Jiving Juniors (who included Derrick Harriot and Count Prince Miller as members) and the duo (Joe) Higgs and (Roy) Wilson. Higgs and Wilson’s “Manny O” was a huge hit in 1960, selling a reported 30,000 copies. Seaga had other acts under contract, including Slim Smith and Byron Lee, who had a hit on the WIRL label with his debut single “Dumplings.” According to Joe Higgs: “He was the best manager we ever had-we a…


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and the site where it came from:


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ARIS I came across your name while i was researching info on caribbean entertainers and entertainment on 12/29 09: I have a deep interest in pop-soul and r&b from the caribbean, for now , lets keep the lines of correspondence open,-Ther,s a revival of this music, lets see.bLESSINGS OF GOODWILL & GODDHEALTH.SINCERELY,Trevor