Roel Smit part 2

Sunday, 29 June 2008

Now that there is a book with the work of Roel Smit, I could finally do away some of the examples that I have been collecting of his work. For the largest part my Roel Smit collection exists of xeroxes, because his drawings were published in magazines, posters and sleeves that I never saw. Roel and I live on different planets; I haven’t played a punk record in years.
In the piles of artwork, I also found letters, original drawings and photocopies of illustrations that did not end up in the book. Here are some of the private cards that he made over the years:

This caricature of Roel was drawn by Pieter Hogenbirk in 1989:
And here are two labels that he did for cassette tapes that he sent me at least 25 years ago:
Unfortunately the cassettes have died long time ago. But you reconstruct them if you like, because Roel always wrote all the info on the labels.

Here is the band Raped with a song that was not on one of the tape that i got from Roel: