Op de huid

Friday, 20 June 2008

Today Aloys Oosterwijk came by. ”Do you have two minutes? I am gonna make a drawing of you!” And two minutes later he had made this:
The drawing was made on the first page of a book of Aloys that was published recently by Xtra.
It is called ”Op de huid” and it is a selection of the sketches and final drawings that Aloys has been doing of people in court cases. The drawings, or actually paintings, are published in the Algemeen Dagblad, a daily newspaper. Here are some of those sketches and some final results:

Our son was watching while Aloys made the two-minute-portrait of me. He was flabbergasted! And so was I.
I have already shared with you some of the tapes with music that Aloys has recorded with his band, De Keng. So for today’s soundtrack I choose something that has nothing to do with Aloys. It is from a CD that I bought today, together with a lot of other second hand CD’s. It is a CD by a guy named Speech, released in 1996 on Chrysalis.
Speech is a rapper that I would file in the same section where De La Soul operates, but he also reminds of Prince in his best years. The 16 (!) songs on the CD have the raw demo-feel that I love very much. I have no idea if Speech ever had a hit, nor who he is, or where he is now. But here is ”Impregnated tid bits of dope hits”, one of the tracks that I like best so far.



2008-06-20 14:07:26

Hio Frits,

Speech reminds me of The Dreamwarriors, sounds great anyway. Line of singing in perfect harmony with background noise so to speak..


2008-06-20 14:08:59

just a test
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2008-06-20 14:41:00

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