Thursday, 26 June 2008

Whether one realises it or nor, our life is the demonstration of our beliefs and ideas about Life. Like with most people, there is a serious gap between my words and actions. But I am working on it, as we all do, whether we realise it or not.
It helps me to write things down. For the past fifteen years I have been writing every day about my thoughts on Life, trying to find out what they are. It is not as simple as it seems. I don’t know anybody who can say in a few minutes what is their exact view-on-Life. And if they can, they never walk their talk. I find this strange and unacceptable: how can I life my life if I have no clear idea about what I am or what Life is?
In the past few weeks I had an update of my view-on-Life, as I call such a change of mind. Out of nowhere, in the middle of a period when I felt like shit, I suddenly saw and understood everything that I know in a slightly different way. Well, maybe not so slightly, because this new viewpoint makes Life seem a far more meaningful and interesting project. I know that all this sounds terribly vague, but I will write more about my view-on-Life later. I need a little more time to find the right words for it.
An important part of this recent psychological update is that I now think that I understand more of some basic aspects of the working of the mind. It has been a major question for me how so many people can believe in things that in my experience don’t seem to exist. To say that these people are idiots or dreamers is a much too easy way out of this mystery. The way I see it now explains this strange phenomenon in a very elegant way. But only to me, of course. Even though I think that my ideas are true, I don’t expect anybody else to belief them, or even to be interested in them. To each his own, as some wise men say.
Here is the introduction that Midas Dekkers wrote to his book about non-existing animals, published in 1977. Not only is it very well written and humorous, it also expresses some of the ideas that are part of my recent mental update. Sorry for those who cannot read Dutch, but I will go deeper into this later in this Soundtrack.