Friday, 27 June 2008

While cleaning up my desk and hard disk, I noticed some things that might be of your interest, so I thought I better share them with you.
Roland Vonk writes that he is planning to begin a website dedicated to the music of Peter Snoei. Peter was friend of Roland, and he (Peter) died in 2007. His (Peter’s) wife gave his complete archive to Roland. Peter Snoei was an interesting musician. You can read a summary of his activities here
And you can listen to a compilage of this advertisement tunes (including the Domovla-tune!) here.
Robert van der Kroft gave the band The Lost Lovers a cameo in his weekly comic Claire, which he draws for the magazine Flaire:
Because both Robert and the singer of The Lost lovers, Tonio van Vugt, are part of the Soundtrack of my life, I wanted to mention this.
Aris de Vries has put up some of his music on a website. Apart from the songs he did for the Mr. E vidcasts and some Roy Brenda material, there are some tunes to be heard that he did for a Todos-project and some recent experiments. Like this tune that he made based on the interview with the Pink Floyds, that I mentioned here.

Here is Aris as Roy Brenda* in one of his songs that I like best:

Ruud Hulleman sends me about fifteen links per week, and most of them are worth the time checking them out. Here is an animation video on YouTube that he made me see:

Splogman Jan sent me the link to another foolish Beatles recording. I am pretty sure that nobody is interested in listening to this! I did listen to it and man, is this ridiculous.
Jos Corstjens sent me some pictures of people apparently holding the Sun in their hands. This seems to be a world wide hobby, and I loved the pictures, so here a few:

Marco Weirdomusic Kalnenek needs no introduction to the readers of this Soundtrack. But in case there is still somebody who doesn’t know who Marco is or what he is doing, here is a recent interview with him.
And to end this overdose of information, here is a link that Aris sent me, to a site that gives an oversight to all Dutch children’s records, Minigroove
See you tomorrow!



2008-06-27 13:21:28

Saillant detail, als trio speelden Kay (theekistbas), Richard (wasboard) en ik altijd Domovla in billy-style op straat..