Wednesday, 4 June 2008

When I cannot think of better things to do, when I feel no inspiration, I always return to making simple drawings. Like the “demons” that I showed earlier. I must have made hundreds of such drawings, and it never bores me to make new ones.

I love to draw these curved lines and to try to make the thing harmonious. That all there is too it: there is no plan or meaning behind these “demons””. I call them “Demons” because some look at bit demonesk.

The original drawings are small: the size of a postcard. I often think about doing some very large versions in colour, but so far I have never done that. That has also to do with the fact that I do this at the dinner table and with the fact that I have no space to store anything larger than an LP.
I think that these drawings would look good on walls of certain houses. I sure wouldn’t mind painting one a wall of somebody’s home.

Here is a track from the Louise Huebner LP Seduction through Witchcraft. It is called “The demon spell for energy”. I don’t believe in demons, nor in magic spells, nor in witchcraft, but i think it is a very interesting subject. I will write more about all this whem I am in the mood for that.



2008-06-04 15:59:06

dus dat teken jij “zomaar eventjes” als je niets te doen hebt? wow… ik vind het mooi, hoor enne… ik doe het je niet na.