Something stupid

Saturday, 14 June 2008

One of the important rules for record collecting is to check the record before you buy it. A record may be in bad condition, and sometimes there is an other record in the sleeve than the one you hope to buy. After all these years I still haven’t learned this lesson.
Last week I bought some 45’s. Nothing really special, but I was happy to find a copy of ”Something stupid” by Nancy & Frank Sinatra. I will explain in a later episode why I am interested in that record. When I came home, I found this record in the sleeve:

I cannot tell you how often this has happened to me, but at least a few dozen times. Usually the record mentioned on the cover is better than the one that ended up in the sleeve that I bought. But sometimes it is the other way around. I think this phenomenon is worth a website: ”Bad luck”. I would love to see lists of the titles that are on the sleeve and compare them with the titles of the records that were in it. As a Fool, who doesn’t believe in coincidence, I think there must be a relation.
This phenomenon reminds me of a similar phenomenon, that showed up in the media some time ago. It had a name, but I cannot remember that. It was about the titles of books, that could be read as a poem when they were placed on top of each other. Like here:
These four titles were carefully selected by me, but everybody will have had the experience of looking at a pile of books (or something else with texts) and reading a meaningful message. I think that Life is full of meaning, and in many ways that we cannot even think of yet. Many books on my book shelve are about ideas like this: that the world is made of language, that we are letters in a story, written by an Unknown author. Crazy people call it crazy wisdom.
Here is the B-side of the record in the family Sinatra sleeve:

No need to send in comments that this is a pretty lame song: I know.



2008-06-14 12:19:54

as a comfort: I haven’t learned this lesson yet either …

Schnauzer Studios

2008-06-14 20:24:32

I am going to annoy a lot of people with this record around christmas.