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Monday, 30 June 2008

Within one and a half week we will go on vacation to a place where I will have no access to computers, and we will stay there for three or four weeks. I will have to do some painting too in this period, so I will have to travel back and forth. It is not far, only an hour by train. But it means that there will be no Soundtrack for a while. All the previous times when I was away from home, I managed to publish a daily episode. That was little effort,because I love doing this. But this time I simply don’t have the time and the opportunity. Unless a miracle will happen, which is not unlikely. Last week I painted at a place where they had a spare labtop, that I maybe can borrow for a month. We’ll see. I don’t mind the fact that for the first time since I started writing this blog, there will be a gap. That’s how life goes.
Today I worked in a house that is being completely renovated. The plan was that the work was finished by the time that I would start painting, but as always, that didn’t happen. So today I shared the house with two men, an “elektricien” and a “stucadoor”. Both in their late twenties, one married, the other single. The married guy had had sex with a women that lived in his street, but his wife doesn’t know it. It happened this weekend and he had to tell it in detail. He talked as if it was a great achievement, but the tone and the details revealed that he felt far from comfortable with the situation. And he couldn’t stop talking about it.
I have absolutely no interest in the sex life of other people, and if there is one situation where I don’t want to hear about it, it is while painting. Luckily they left early, so I could empty my mind for a few hours during the afternoon.
Here is a scratchy 45 from my collection of records about this subject. Where is the CD-box with soul songs about this subject? There are so many!



2008-06-30 06:42:55

Happy holidays..enjoy!


2008-06-30 06:53:53

Have a nice holiday!


2008-06-30 07:16:03

Fijne vakantie!


2008-06-30 07:35:34

Allemaal leuk en wel, maar die pizza dan?


2008-06-30 16:38:09

He Frits,

Niks geen fijne vakantie! The show must go on! Wat maak je me nou, ik de hele dag zwoegen en jij lekker 4 weken weg? Je bent pas nog weg geweest naar Spanje, kom op zeg zo veel vakantie is niet goed voor een mens. Schouders eronder en even wat vooruit werken, het kan nog net!

Nou, wat denk je? Mocht je nou echt geen andere optie hebben, ga dan maar en rust maar lekker uit…..


2008-07-01 06:48:53

Ja, fijne vakantie Frits!