Sunday, 15 June 2008

Cyril Koopmeinders is writing a biography of Eddie de Jong and Rene Windig, two Dutch comic artists. I just got a copy of the first part of this biography, that will be published as a series of magazines. It is only a test edition, a digital print, in a circulation of five copies. But it is done very beautiful and a great project, so I hope that the official edition will be available soon !
I asked Cyril ”Can I write about it?”, but the answer was no, so I have to keep it short. Here is a comic by Eddie de Jong & Rene Windig that was listed in the first issue of “Treasures”:
Writing a biography of two people who are as crazy and chaotic and lazy as Rene Windig and Eddie de Jong is not an easy job. But on the other hand: their work is at times extremely funny and the men are at times very funny too.
Rene Windig used to be in a rock’n’roll band, The Rockin’ Belly Bende, where he played the harmonica. They made one 45, in 1987:
On the record are three songs and there is a little comic:

Here is the song on the A-side, ”Green stuff”, featuring the incredible Rene Windig on mouth organ: