More Amy

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

For the past few days I have been studying Amy Winehouse. How on earth can such a girl put so much in a song? In a time when this so rare? I haven’t heard many singers in the past few decades who did what she does. But how does she do it?
I don’t really like ”Frank” very much. But I love ”Back to black”! Like I wrote earlier, I have been searching for live recordings, outtakes and alternative versions. I found about two and a half hour of pure gold, and that is playing here in the house all the time. When I am at home, of course. Unfortunately I do have to work too. I wouldn’t mind listening to Amy all day!
Here is her rendition of a song that we all have heard in many versions. But man, how can she make this song so deep? She doesn’t make the impression on me that she is doing anything special, she just seems to have this godgiven talent to make every word come alive when she sings it.