Ben Hoekendijk

Monday, 31 May 2010

The Dutch preacher Ben Hoekendijk made many records. I only have a handful, but hey are worth hunting for. I especially like the 10 inch lp’s with live recordings.

Ben Hoekendijk believed that he could cure people through the power of God. And that he could excorcise satan. One of the proofs that he used, is to let people speak in tongues. His idea seemed to be that speaking in tongues happened when somebody was possessed by the Holy Ghost.

I am fascinated by speaking in tongues. I have never experienced it myself and i have not heard much convincing examples of people spoke in tongues. On the Ben Hoekendijk records the examples sound very much like *Bert & Ernie who try to talk nonsense language. If anybody happens to have better recordings, i would love to hear them.
Here is one side of a Ben Hoekendijk 10 inch record:

I have my own ideas about Ben Hoekendijk and his works, but i wasn’t there, so i better keep my mouth shut. About five years ago i had a frozen shoulder that grew worse and worse. In the end could hardly lift up my arm anymore. On the advice of a friend i went to a healer. A gyropractor, who is said to have healing powers. After one session i was painfree and the pain never returned. That still puzzles me, because a frozen shoulder is usually very hard to cure.
I have heard at least a handful of accounts from trustworhty people that say to have been cured in ways that regular medical science can not explain. I cannot verify these claims. And i am pretty sure that many claims are not true or less miraculous than is believed. Still, this is a territory that for me is still a complete mystery and that i wish to know more about.