Frits' Hoekje

Saturday, 15 May 2010

I write a column about record in the magazine “OWG info”, a monthly magazine for schools. Aris de Vries worked for OWG and that is how i got this job.
I just noticed that i have written 19 episodes of “Frits’ hoekje”, as the column is called. The payment is pretty low, but i can write about whatever i like and that compensates more than enough. There is a theme for each issue, and i try to to come up with records that suit the theme, but that often takes some stretching of the imagination. But i have never gotten any complaints. As a matter of fact i have never gotten any reaction at all. Here is the most recent episode:


Jan Willem Reitsma

2010-05-16 09:18:08

Leuke stukkies.
Op de tribute-CD “Weird Nightmare” uit 1994 met muziek van Charles Mingus worden vele Partch-instrumenten gebruikt. Er staat een zeer lange docu over de opnamen voor deze plaat op YouTube, geregisseerd door Ray Davies – inderdaad, die Ray Davies. Warm aanbevolen!


2010-05-16 11:01:41

Tof Frits! Zijn alle afleveringen zo uitgebreid?