Sunday, 23 May 2010

Since last tuesday i have “Spotify: on my computer: a streaming music service. For 5 euro i can listen to whatever they have. It works as a media player, and you can make playlists, etecetera. I have only worked a few hours with it, but this is for me a real break through. After ten years of waiting for this idea to become real, it still came as surprise. I had not heard of Spotify untill i read it in a newspaper, a day before it was launched.
I never had much with CD’s. When it became clear that music was seperated from it’s medium, i stopped collecting it. I never thought that to be a bad thing: music is for listening, and i think it is ridiculous taht it took so long until all available music could be listened to on demand for a fair price. Of course, Spotify doesn’t offer all available music. But they offer a lot. And there will be more in the future, i guess. Maybe offered by another company, but i think that there is no way back from here.
So, here a lot of activities end: from now on collecting music will become obselete.Of course, some people will like to have original vinyl, but i cannot see a future for CD’s or any other medium. Who needs it?
When i typed in some of the bands i wanted to hear, Spotify failed half of the times to come with results. (Not one song by Restless!) But the hits were often a surprise: Sun Ra, Les Baxter and many others, it is all there.
Here is a song that can not be heard on Spotify (yet!), a song from a sleeveless LP by the Theatre Company England, that perfectly suits the occasion:



2010-05-24 22:40:32

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