Monday, 17 May 2010

Terence McKenna used to say that he could not find any references to his experiences on DMT trips. I have never taken DMT, but like all of us, i have a body that produces DMT.
There seems to be a puzzle that involves consciousness, the brain, DNA and chemicals like serotonin and DMT. There are several theories about all these elements fit together, but so far i cannot believe any of them. The best theory seems to me that our brains receive information from or through our DNA under specific circumstances in which DMT plays a role.
I think that inspiration is related to a high level of DMT and other important chemicals. And that fears (and probably thinking in general) cause the level of these substances to drop. When artists have wild fantasies, often pieces of the puzzle pop up in their work. A good example can be found om the B-side of a 45 by Supersister, that has “She was naked” on the A-side.

The messages, that seem to come either from our DNA or through our DNA, are often symbolic. Although a spiral staircase can hardly be called symbolic. It seems that the message is that there is an intelligence either in the DNA or trying to contact our brain through our DNA. Usually this intelligence are called genii’s, gnomes, or something like that. The resemblance between the words gene and genii, genome and gnome are pretty obvious, by the way.
The messages seems to have to do with language and names. Also in this song by Supersister this is the case.
I will sure return to this subject later; i have many notes on it, but there are not organised yet.