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Friday, 14 May 2010

Last week some guys tried to throw a bike through our window. I was already in bed, but my love was still up and watching television on the other end of the window. She heard guys passing by and one saying: “Let’s throw this bike through that window!”. Which they tried. To our luck bike was too heavy and we had some plastic on the window, to avoid that people can look in our home all the time. Also was the curtain closed, so there was no glass hitting my love.
The guys ran away after their heroic deed, and that’s the whole of the story.
If there was a reason for them to do this, i don’t know it, but i think it was just a massive lack of brains. We have an insurance for this, and i think they will pay for the new window, but that’s not the real issue, of course. The real issue is why people, who live on one of the best places on this planet, do stupid things like this?! And what can be done to avoid them doing such stupid things? If i had been awake, i probably would have gone after them and beaten one of their heads in, which i would have regretted afterwards, so it is good i was asleep. But this is another thing on my growing list of things that bother me. I really don’t understand this kind of behaviour and it makes me very frustrated that i have no idea what can be done to end it.
I have decided to give in to my desire to mutilate the pictures in De Volkskrant. So, in stead of the many things that i promised others and myself to do, i spend a few hours each day doing more of this:

And this:

Or this:


bas trimbach

2010-05-14 21:35:55

Wat een absurd en beangstigend verhaal is dit weer!
Waarschijnlijk zat er geen doordacht plan achter en waren het gewoon een stel baldadige idioten die niet nadachten over de gevolgen van hun stompzinnige gedrag! Maar het zet je wel weer aan het denken…