Spotify (part 3)

Friday, 28 May 2010

There are many things that bother me concerning Spotify. I read that Spotify paid the record companies substantial amounts of money to use their catalogues. That money does NOT go to the artists; the artists only get a fee for each time one of their songs is listened to. I wonder how much money Spotify paid the record companies? And what do the artsist really get?
Anothere probem is that many songs on Spotify are NOT the original versions. Especially the 70’s soul&disco hits that i collect are often only on Spotify in the re-made versions. The artists recorded these re-makes for copyright reasons, but i don’t want to hear George McGrae, The Stylistics or The People’s Choice do a lame cover of their own songs in stead of the original version. There is no informationat all on the songs on Spotify, so it is totally unclear if it is an original or a re-make. The lack of information is a real deal-breaker: not even the writers and composers are mentioned! That is more than ridiculous.
And then there is a lot of recent music NOT available on Spotify. The strange thing is that the old music (pre 70’s) and the recent music (after 1990) is pretty well available, but the period in between is a mess. The reason is that the big record companies never released this music properly on CD. I probably wouldn’t care that much about this if that didn’t happen to be the period in which i grew up. But hey, i will not be the only Spotify user that grew up in the 70’s!
Here is Carl ” Sherlock” Holmes with “Black bag”, record that can not be heard on Spotify;

Wabmester Arjen told me that there is another Internet-jukebox, that has been operative for a while, called Groove Shark. It is worth checking it out, because there is music on Groove Shark that is not on Spotify. Like the original of George McCrae’s Rock your baby and Blowfly’s legendary Zodiac album. *Groove Shark uses a lot of vinyl as a source; i heard many scratchy songs, and even needle skips.