De Porceleine Fles

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Last week i went to visit Ton Vermeulen, the man who runs the Record Industry. I guess you know the story better than i do: in 1998 he bought the CBS record factory and turned it into a succesful business. Record Industry is one Europe’s biggest pressing plants of vinyl records. But Ton wants to make flexi records too, and even Singing Postcards, and since he could not find much info on this, he asked if i would like to come around for a talk.
That was fun, and it turned out that most of the problems are already solved. I guess that within a few months you can order flexi records or Singing Postcards here! I will cost probably about 2000 euro for 5000 Singing Postcards. Smaller amounts are not much cheaper, so that is a bit of a bummer for people like me.
To walk through the factory was strange experience. It is huge and the process of producing a vinyl record is pretty complicated. It made me once again aware of the miracle that music can be reproduced at all, and especially on a piece of vinyl.
Here is a Singing Postcard that was made by De Porceleine Fles, the Royal Delftware factory.

I guess it is from the early sixties and what is on this Singing Postcard is not very interesting, but i share it with you nonetheless: