John Hamilton Band

Sunday, 30 May 2010

One good thing about Spotify is that it serves as a point of reference for what music is not yet available. The past few days i have been given quite a few surprises after typing in a name or a title that i expected not to be on Spotify. Of course, there is still a lot of music that you can not yet hear on Spotify or buy on a CD, which is probably the same catalogue, by the way.
Here is for example an LP made by The John Hamilton Band:

This German (?) band made many cover LP’s for cheap lables like Sommerset. They did LP’s with hits of The Beegees, Slade, Middle of the Road, T-Rex and many other bands. On this Beatles LP they sound exactly like James Last, so i am not searching too hard for their complete oeuvre.
What intrigues me on this LP is the drawing of the band members. I don’t know very m,uch of The Beatles, but i believe that the band consisted of four musicians: John Lennon, Ringo Starr, George Harrisson and Paul McCartney. On the drawing i can only recogise the first three.

The guy on the right doesn’t look like Paul McCartney at all to me. So, what’s wrong here?
Here is a random medley from the LP:


randy t

2010-10-14 07:05:27

thats phil spetor


2010-10-15 22:01:08

Who is Phil Spector? John Hamilton? Are you sure?


2011-08-10 09:57:48

Hi, any way to get a sample or an mp3 of this?
much appreciated.


2011-11-03 23:14:29

For Larry: i activated the mp3 tonight! Sorry that it took half a century.