Matchbox labels (part1)

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

I just like collecting and everything that comes with it. As long as i can remember have been accumulating large quantities of all kinds of things. Most of those collections are gone now, which i sometimes regret, but on the other hand: if only 10 percent of these collections would return to me, i would need three extra houses.
Last week i have been selecting a collection of matchbox labels. I just keep the ones that i like, mainly series. I don’t bother if a serie is incomplete, i have no knowledge of matchbox labels. Well, i do know that in the hierarchy of collecting they score pretty low, and that is an extra reason for me to collect them. I really don’t understand why some people consider collecting matchboxes “uncool”.
Especially in East-European countries there have been some beautiful series of matchbox labels made. Here are some examples:

I look at these matchbox labels as miniature works of art. And especially when they come in series i find them very appealing. Apart from the ads and the propaganda/touristic labels, there are many series that were made for no other erason than to please the eye of the people who bought these matchboxes. Here are some examples:

I have never seen a book with matchbox labels that i would like to buy. That is strange, becuase i would love to buy a book with only the kind of labels that i collect. It would be a killer book, no doubt about that!
Here are some more of my favourites:

P.S. Somehow the spelling control of my OpenOffice.orgWriter has disappeared and i cannot get it back again. If anybody knows what might be done about this, please let me know.