K-day (part 2)

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

There were Koninginnedagen when i came home with over forty LP’s, but this year i only found six, and they are not realy worth scanning. Making a scan of an LP-sleeve takes me about 15 minutes and i think i can do better things with that time. But here are the titles of the LP’s:
-Michael Freedman’s London Orchestra - Hi Fi music for meditation
-De lotgevallen van Malle Pietje
-Sophie Tucker - Cabaret days
-Albert Mol - Als kind reeds…
-The Stars of Faith - Living to live again
-Larry fast - Synergy audion

“Synergy” is a library album, and there are two pretty okay tracks on it. But the best of these six LP’s is the one by The Stars of Faith:

The record is from 1974 and they made gospel soul music since the fifties. Here is my favourite song, “Let Jesus fix it”




2010-05-06 05:04:31


I often take a (digital) picture of an item if I don’t want to take the time to scan.
Esp. for larger items, such as LPs, this works a lot faster than scanning parts and then compiling them on-screen into the full image…



2010-05-06 10:13:59

Nice track! Thanks.

Synergy was a band I think, not a library record. Supposed to be electronic rock? have to listen to it sometime.

I also photograph record sleeves rather than scanning them.