Charlie and his orchestra

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

I have already mentioned the records made by Charlie and his orchestra here. I only had these records on CD back then. But today I came home with this 78rpm record:

I have no idea how rare these records are, but I never expected to find one. And knowing who, why, where and when they were made me feel a bit uncomfortable when I bought this record. You don’t get much records stranger than this:

There are several compilations on CD available of records by Charlie and his Orchestra.

But while searching for info on Charlie, I ended up on sites that looked not very kosher to me. The basic information is on Wikipedia (here).

Here is the B-side:




2009-11-11 12:50:22

Where did you find it?

It’s interesting to know where these ended up. I guess they were well enough “disguised” to become part of lots of casual 78 collections.


2009-11-11 13:09:43

I have read that the Nazi’s smashed all the records that they could find when it became clear that Germany would loose the war. Because the records could be used against them in trials.
I found this one two blocks away from our home, in the worst second hand store in Amsterdam.


2014-07-28 19:26:33

Great find , but can You repost the files ?