Max Woiski

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Dolf Hell has ten 78rpm records made by Max Woiski. I just recorded them and made a CD of this twenty songs.

The plan is to collect as much music and information as possible and then to decide whether it is worth to do something with it. The family of Max Woiski has offered to cooperate, so there might be booklet with a CD of Max Woiski sr one day. I am not entirely sure if I am the right person for this project, but we’ll see where it goes. If you happen to have records, photo’s, interviews or articles about mr. Woiski, please let me know!
Here is one my favourite tracks of the 78rpm records from the collection of Dolf Hell, ”Soeloewee”:

Hans Koert wrote a nice story in his blog about Max Woiski and one of his advertisement records, that ended up in ”De muzikale verleiding”. (Here.) I wonder if there exist copies of those two movies that Max Woiski made, for Nescafé and ”Jenny”. Because it is a proven fact that never ever anything has been completely gone, the search is on. To be continued!


bas trimbach

2010-04-11 22:50:00

Afgelopen week vond ik een single van ‘Max Woiski en zijn Zuid Amerikaanse Orkest’. Het plaatje heet ‘Calypso’ en bevat vier liedjes; Banana Boat Song, Jamaica Farewell, Jack-Ass-Song en Mathilde Take Me Money. Als je het plaatje graag hebt voor je ‘eventueel ooit nog eens te maken boek + CD’ dan stuur ik het op. Maar misschien heb je ‘m al!