Tiq and Zeta

Saturday, 7 November 2009

In the box that I got from F. (see here for more details) were also some magazines. Like this one:

The title ( TIQ ), the words on the cover (mode, sex, beat), and the publishing date (November 1966) made my expectations so high that I expected to be a little disappointed. But I was not a little disappointed: this magazine is totally uninteresting. It was an initiative of Paul Acket and published by Muziek Express BV, but the content lacks any serious connection with the subjects.
This magazine was also new to me:

This issue (vol 1, no 5) is from 1968. Zeta was publishedin London and there are only photo’s in the magazine, with a few words next to each picture. It is supposed to be a story, but you need to take a lot of drugs to understand what this story is about. But I like the pictures: erotic psychedelic science fiction stuff, of the kind that will probably make people like Milan Hulsing very happy. I would rather have the LP, but since this was a gift you won’t hear me complain.

And there was also a catalogue in the box, of an exposition by Alan Aldrigde, which was held in De Bijenkorf in 1971:

In the catalogue is some artwork that Alan Aldrigde did for the Beatles:

Again, none of this stuff is for sale, but if you want any of this, just make me an offer I can’t refuse. And by the way, if you are seriously interested in anything that is mentioned in this blog, just ask, You never know.



2009-11-08 21:53:43

Hi Frits,

You guessed right, that Zeta magazine is killer. Sad to be so predictable and juvenile… I wonder if the magazine has something to do with the film from a year later, Zeta One. Also British psychedelic erotic scifi:

“A race of topless, large-breasted women from the planet Angvia, in another dimension, come to earth to kidnap women to repopulate their planet.”

I’m still adding some stuff to the trade pile for Pravda. I’ll add more if you want to part with this!


2015-09-17 06:29:16

Hi !
I’m looking for a copy of that Zeta magazine vol 1, no 5, for a long time now, but never foud one. Especially, I want a high definition scan of this picture (it’s to include in an artwork for my psychedelic band):
Is there’s a possibility you send me a scan of this picture ?