Passion pays off

Monday, 30 November 2009

I make more CDr-covers than I share with you in this blog. Many are just not worth showing. I usually make them while listening to podcasts and often late at night, when the inspiration level is low. But I like to have my audio collection organised, and if I don’t make sleeves for the Cdr’s, there is now way to find stuff back when I want to use it.
Here are some recent covers:

Since my work as a comic letterer sort of ended I have done more lettering than ever. Not only the CD-covers, but also many other stuff. I still do a weekly alphabet for my site for example. I would never have had the time for that if I still was lettering comics every day. Of course, much of my recent work goes unnoticed and I don’t make any money with it. But last night I realised once again that things are okay with me; it is not my personal life that bothers me, it is what is going on in the life’s of others that worries me.
After I wrote yesterday’s story I felt a bit uneasy for sharing this with you, because it seems so meaningless to write these thoughts. But when I read the newspaper this morning, this feeling of uneasiness was immediately replaced by a wave of anger and sadness: there were three stories on rape in today’s newspaper. According to the Volkskrant there are over 60.000 women reporting sexual violence to the police, committed by their own husbands. And they are talking about Holland alone! Another story was about the situation in African countries, where rape is happening on an even much larger scale. This was already more than enough to make me sick, but to top it of, there was this article:

Hm, I suddenly realise that it is quite ridiculous that I write this in English. But I don’t want to write much more anyway.
Like I said yesterday: I have really no idea what I can do about all the horrible things that happen in the world. But this morning, after reading the newspaper, I got an idea for a T-shirt slogan. It will not change a thing, but it sure is true.

Maybe all I can do is live my life in the way I want it. It doesn’t feel enough, but I often think that this is how Life is organised.



2009-12-03 21:23:49

Frits, “Follow Your BL!SS!NGS”

Jarenlang was ik erg te spreken over het woord ‘passie’. Maar ik weet niet meer zo net of het het ‘juiste’ woord is. Laatst pende ik al spontaan de slogan “Ambition Is For Amateurs, Passion Is For Semi-Pros, Love Is For LiFE!”… En ca. een uur gelee (oftewel, niet lang voordat ik dit blog las) leerde ik dat het woord ‘passion’ oorspronkelijk met ‘suffering’ e.d. the maken heeft. Dat verklaart dan ook “The Passion Of The Christ”, bijvoorbeeld. Zie o.a. 5/6/7 hier: … En ook

UGH! Screw Suffering!!
En hey, ‘Passion Pays Off’ is een mooie alliteratie, maar… ‘LOVE Pays Off’ rhymes! (sorta) :)

En/dus wat betreft “It will not CHANGE a thing” en “Maybe all I can do is live my life in the way I want it. It doesn’t feel enough, but I often think that this is how Life is organised” YEP: If anything, doing what we LOVE (no matter the ‘results’, ‘feedback’ e.d. – of vaak (‘helaas’ ?) het gebrek aan de…


2009-12-03 21:24:54

… het gebrek aan deZE) keeps our lives (heck, who knows, maybe even The ALL?) flowing MORE in the direction of where “it is/we are supposed to go” (Haken en ogen included) ;)