Tom Sietas

Saturday, 12 November 2011

A few months ago i wrote about this video:

Davis Blaine says that he held his breath underwater for 17 minutes in the Ofrah Winfrey show. This was in 2008 and as a person who has a keen interest in records like these i was amazed that i didn’t knew this.
It is hard to find more information on this totally incredible record,. On YouTube all i could find were incomplete fragments like these:

It puzzled me for weeks. But then i sort of concluded that, since David Blaine is an illusionist, it probably all is fake. Holding one’s breath for 17 minutes, come on! But yesterday i found this video:

Again, where the most stupid event has a few dozen videos on YouTube, this new record, also made in 2008, seems to have only one, and it is only a fragment. But Tom Sietas seems to have been pushing the underwater records for many years. Like can be seen in this video:

Of course, swimming 223 meters underwater (which he did a while after this achieving this record) is not the same as holding your breath for over 17 minutes, but if he can do the first it becomes more likely that he can indeed do the second. And if Tom Sietas can do it, maybe David Blaine can do it too. But even when you have been breathing pure oxygen before you do it, i still find it very hard to believe.
It is puzzling me to no end. If anybody can shine some light on this issue, please do.