Wednesday, 5 August 2009

It bothered me that in April of this year I ran out of alphabets. I couldn’t find the inspiration to come up with anything new, and none of the unfinished sketches seemed worth working on. So far I have published 132 hand lettered alphabets here. I put one up every week. None of them are finished: these are only the first versions. They are good enough to see what they look like, but it would take weeks to really finish one alphabet, and at this moment I don’t think this is worth the effort.
During our stay in Portugal I made sketches for new alphabets. To my surprise and pleasure the ideas came easy. Not all alphabets are great, of course, but I think I did about 50 useful attempts, that I will try to complete.
When I looked up in my “archive” which alphabets are already on line, I discovered to my astonishment that I had overlooked quite a few. I have to sort it out yet, but there are at least another 50 alphabets that are not on my site yet. Here are a few of the new old ones:



2009-08-05 13:44:16

Ah, you’re back! Did you have a nice holiday? Good work! Especially i like the 2nd, 4th and 5th