Saturday, 8 August 2009

A while ago i got a mail from somebody who asked if i could make a TypeFace for him. TypeFaces are my own invention and I thought it would be a big hit. But this is the first reaction after about a year, so I guess that it is all not that brilliant. The request was to make a TypeFace of “God”. The man had included a sketch, where the G was a baseball cap that pointed backwards. When I asked what the idea was, he said that he wanted to start a clothing brand for Christian kids that wanted to look cool. It seemed to me that to use the word “God” as a name for a clothing brand might be offending to some people, to say the least, but I liked the weirdness of this idea and made the TypeFace:

Well, it actually took four versions until the man was satisfied. Meanwhile I wondered when he would raise the money issue. But that never happened. He thanked me for the Typeface and that was all I heard from him.
I thought I would give him some time before writing this story, because maybe he would send me something (money is not the issue, it is about respect) over the mail. But it is now three months later, and I heard nothing.
I get about one request per week to make something. Nine out of ten requests are about Ambigrams. ”Can you make my name in ambigram, please?”. I haven’t done that, but I think about trying to do all requests in one weekend one day. The problem is that some names are extremely difficult.
Occasionally I get other requests. A girl asked if she could use one of my alphabets for a school project (that really made my day) and recently Scott Randall asked me to make a special alphabet for him. He is doing a mail art project about bacon ( Bacon movie ). I got a friendly mail late at night, made a sketch right away:

…got immediately a nice reaction, so I made a better version:

….which Scott photoshopped into a black&white version:

This will be made into a stamp, and when you use red ink I think it will look pretty much as bacon.
The whole operation took me less than two hours. Of course, I would not mind getting paid for work like this, but as I said, money is not the issue. It is about respect and having fun.


Mike Latimer

2010-08-20 20:33:07

man, if you could do each letter, and make a font for like microsoft word that would be amazing. You could even sell it and I’d bet people would pay a few bucks to download that font….shit, I would!


2010-08-20 22:13:15

You mean an ambigram font? It already exists, but it doesn’t really work. I don’t think i could make a beter ambigram font if i tried, so i have no ambition to try it. But who knows!