To be continued

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Marcel Ruijters asked if I ever have thought of ambigram T-shirts. He writes: ”I found this one on the Net”.

No, I have never thought about making T-shirts of my ambigrams. I don’t think they are interesting and/or good enough. The ambigram on the picture is brilliant, by the way. If anybody knows how made it, please let me know.
I do think about having some of my TypeFaces printed on T-shirts. Especially the Batman&Robin Typeface.

But right now I have not enough time for this. The book (“De Muzikale Verleiding”) will be out within a month and the publisher is trying to get as much as possible media attention for the project. I already have had some telephone interviews and we are on the list for several radio and television shows. I promised to keep my agenda empty for four weeks, so we’ll see where it ends.
I get nice reactions from people who got the publicity mail that Nijgh & Van Ditmar sent out for the book and the website. I wish I could sent everybody that i know a copy of the book, but unfortunately that is not possible.
I try to keep a diary of all that happens around the project. When it is all over and done I will publish that somewhere on my site.
I also have been thinking about making a bootleg CD with 20 great songs that are not in the Top 100. But I just don’t have the time right now. I have been housepainting almost every day for the past two weeks, and all the other things have to been done at night. That means that I hardly have time to make a drawing at the moment.
No music, no drawings… I wonder what will become of this blog!
To be continued.