De Muzikale Verleiding

Friday, 21 August 2009

The book about Dutch advertisement records, that Dolf Hell and I have written for Nijgh & Van Ditmar, is finished and should be printed within a few weeks.
Here is the definitive cover, made by Studio Ron van Roon:

There is a third party in the story, Pim Reinders, who did an incredible job in making this book possible. He managed to get the copyrights cleared, he got us a publisher, he re-wrote and corrected the texts, and did 1001 other things that will go unmentioned. Pim runs a website,, that organises a election.
There are 100 advertisement records online (streaming audio) and people can vote for the ones they like best. (Here” is a direct link. So far so good.
The book is among hundreds of books that will be published around the same time. And only a few of these books will sell enough to pay even. So every publisher and writer is trying to get media attention for her or his product. Without that it will be difficult to sell a book like this. But what can I do to make our book get attention of newspapers, magazines, blogs, television, radio and whatever? Nijgh& Van Ditmar sent a press mail out, but of course, that will also be among hundreds of similar mails. Here is the mail:

If anybody has suggestions to get some decent publicity for the book, please let me know.



2009-08-23 08:18:49

I would go the web 2.0 way if I were you: set up a Facebook group, a Twitter account, a MySpace account. Those are the ways to reach your target audience.

Nijgh can hire me to do it for them of course ;-)

(En ik heb het persbericht ook ontvangen; ik zal het z.s.m. ook op m’n blog zetten)