Thursday, 6 August 2009

The first day after we came home from our vacation in Portugal, I went to the local supermarket. On my way I passed a little second hand store that sometimes sells records. It has proven to be very hard to find an interesting record there, even for me, but I took a look anyway and saw this Russian LP:

My first thought was that they had used a Disney image for some piece of classical music. But the Capitol logo next to the Melodia logo was unusual.
To my surprise it is an American recording of the story of the “Three little pigs”. And on the other side is the story of “Sparky and the magic piano”. I have both stories on record, but that are different versions, made for cheap labels. I guess that this are the original Disney versions? But somehow my mind tells me it are not.
Here is an excerpt from the “Three little pigs” story: