Mr Tax

Thursday, 13 August 2009

In the edition of De Volkskrant of last Saturday was a short article on the comeback of DJ Dano. Daniel Leeflang, his real name, is a house deejay, who was extremely successful 15 years ago. He carefully spend all the money on drugs and women and never paid any taxes. Finally he had to pay 300.00 euro, which created such a mental block that he could no longer write any tunes. He started renovating houses and managed to get the money together. And now he is back in the music scene again.
What I like about his story was the fact that the man from the Tax office (or however this is called) was actually named Mr Tax. In the article Daniel Leeflang expressed his amazement about this curious little synchronicity.
A few days earlier I had bought a pile of Dutch and Surinam disco 45’s, among which was this 45 by the Disco Family, a Surinam band operating in Holland in the seventies:

To my surprise there is a song on the B-side of this 45 that is called Mr Tax !



2009-08-13 12:09:26

hee Is het rechtenprobleem opgelost?

Groet, Jan

(sinds vandaag 4 min of meer complete eppo-jaargangen rijker. Leve de kringloopwinkel!)