The Revolts

Sunday, 23 August 2009

On my the advertisement record shelf there are enough records to make a cool rock and beat compilation. And while I write this, I think that I am going to make this CD. Pieter Dorrenboom, if you read this, would you like to draw a cover for this CD?
Today I got a package from a friend of my love, Marjon, who heard about the publication of De Muzikale Verleiding, and remembered that she had still some advertisement records from her youth somewhere. Marjon dug them up and gave them all to me. The best one is a Sonopresse flexi record that the NJHC made in 1965. I already had it: it is a two sided record with a label only on one side:

On one side a man and a woman talk about how cool the Dutch Youth Hostels were in 1965. On the other side is an instrumental song by a band called The Revolts. I know that is the name of the band because I read it on a list somewhere; the band is not mentioned on the label. And since all the five copies that I have found of this record pover the years didn’t had a sleeve, I thought that there never was one. HA! Marjon was a member of the NJHC and she received this record in this envelop:

And this is the back of the envelop:

Finds, eh, gifts like this make me very happy. In the booklet that will come with the Dutch Advertisement Rock Vault I can now show the sleeve of this record, with a photo of The Revolts:

Here is “Pelita”, as a prehear of the CD:

To be continued!



2009-08-23 03:14:50

Hoort die tik aan het einde nou? Wel mooi!