Church lettering

Friday, 14 August 2009

Last week I got a mail from a man for whom I had done some painting in the past. I painted a kitchen that he had built. He is now doing some renovating for a church in Zeeland, and he remembered that I was also a letterer. The people who run the church want some new signs for the psalms that they sing. At this moment they use these signs:

Over the years some of the numbers and letters disappeared or got damaged and they also wanted something more beautiful. I made some sketches and gave a rough indication of what it will cost if they let me do it (25 euro per hour). I have no idea if this will lead anywhere, but I do appreciate the fact that I was asked at all.
Basically there are two ways to do it. One is to paint the letters and numbers on the little frames by hand. The other way is to have stickers made of my letters.
And it is a nice coincidence that I was asked for this while I am deep into lettering alphabets at this moment. Maybe one of the alphabets even gets used!
Here are some of the most recent alphabets that I inkted: