Friday, 7 August 2009

Mister Talbo sent me a link to a video on YouTube, that turned out to be the tip of an iceberg that I had completely overlooked. Before I tell you what this musical phenomenon is about, maybe it is better to watch some video’s first. I just picked three that I liked for personal reasons, but you can easily find other examples:



This mixing of videos with a wrong soundtrack is called “shredding”. I have no idea yet where that name comes from, but I wanted to share this Internet gimmick with you right away.
What fascinates me about it, apart from the fact that it appeals to my sense of humour, is the synesthesia that takes place. My mind wants to hear music and sounds that are not there, but that the images suggest. When I listen to the soundtrack of the B.B. King video without the images, it suddenly sounds ten times worse. Somehow seeing B.B. King playing the guitar deceives my ears.
I didn’t miss the Internet one single moment while I was on vacation. But now that I am back, I am happy to watch all these shredvids. Here is another nice one:




2009-08-07 02:42:32

The KISS one is brilliant!


2009-08-07 03:52:01

Nice you discovered this! I have been coming back to these videos again and again for the past year. They’re sublime. A bit more info: Actually, shredding is not the mixing. It’s the term used for ‘ playing fast passages on an electric guitar’:

All these mixes have been made by a Finn, Santeri Ojala, a 32-year-old from Tampere, Finland, whose YouTube user name is StSanders. His videos have been taken off youtube several times (copyright), and have been re-upped by loads of others. Without credit, of course.

Read more at Wired:

He’s had quite a lot of attention since he started with this. He even appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel show:


2009-08-16 01:26:28

I’ve been doing something similar since my teens —Well, not continuously. ;) ... Playing compilation tapes (these days random selections of MP3s) while the TV plays music videos by different artists… The results are surprisingly (?) OFTEN wonderfully synchronous, not to mention hilarious! Ah, such fleeting moments of beauty, unlike these vids…

I’ll tell you another time about how ‘I invented’ mashups, too! ;)



2009-08-16 01:28:49

Welcome BACK! Hope you guys had fun.