Best of 2007

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

So far I received one Best of 2007 compilation. It was made by Tonio & Helmi and here is the track that I liked best:

I know so little of today’s music that I first thought that Rockers to swallow was the name of the band, but it is the title of the song. The band is called The Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I have made a little tour on YouTube to find out if I liked their other songs also, but that is not the case. I didn’t even really liked the live versions of Rockers to swallow that I saw and heard on YouTube.
There are 17 more songs on the Best of 2008 CD that Tonio & Helmi compiled. I was surprised to recognise most of the names and titles, because I really don’t do any effort to follow what’s going on in the modern pop music scene. I read some blogs, I occasionally buy a few second hand CD’s, I hear what my son is listening to, and the rest depends on people like Tonio & Helmi.
And there is ofcourse the MashUp scene. That is probably my strongest link to modern pop music. There are some great Best of 2007 compilations to be found on the Net. Just go to MashUp Town and follow the links.
Here is the track of the Tonio & Helmi compi that I liked second best. It is by Christopher Francis, and called One.

I played with the idea to make a Best of 2007 compilation myself, but that is better left an idea. I mean, who cares for a Best of 2007 compilation on which all the music is from at least 25 years ago?


Tonio van Vugt

2008-06-30 14:03:01

Midway through 2008, and only NOW I read your review of our compilation (sorry!).
To return the compliment: there’s a lot of music I would never have heard if it wasn’t for you! So thanks again :-)