Monster Movies music

Sunday, 13 January 2008

I found Monster Movie Music through another great blog, Eye of the Goof.
Monster Movie Music is a blog about monster movies ( yes!) and there is lots of music to be found. And mainly music I have never heard before.
The music is taken from the score, and most of the soundtracks are probably never released. (Although a few are; it is not really my territory.)
I don’t watch much movies or television. I prefer taking in data as sound or letters.
But I love to hear other people tell about movies, and I like to read about it too.
On the Monster Movie Blog there are many stills from the movies shown. It cannot be done better!
Some of the stills from the movies featured in Monster Movie Music are fascinating, but I especially like the hand lettered titles. I show a few of my favourites here. I guess that some readers would prefer some photo’s of girls in bikini’s or B-movie monsters, but you can find them yourself at MMM.
Has there ever been a book made with this stuff? I mean, with only these hand lettered titles? That is a book I would like to buy! A ten minute compilation video on YouTube would also be a nice way to consume this artwork.
I will not try and tell you what can be read, seen and heard in this blog; it is better to check it out yourself. I needed only three hours to work my way through the whole blog, so that should not be a problem for anybody.
For today’s soundtrack I choose this piece of audio from the movie The wild world of Batwoman. I have never heard of this movie, and I don’t expect to ever see it, but if the soundtrack would be available on vinyl, count me in.