Pieter Dorrenboom part 5

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Last week I had a meeting with Pieter Dorrenboom and Aris de Vries. Pieter and I are making a comic for a magazine that Aris de Vries is editing, and he and Pieter had never met, so we had some cappuccino’s together.
Pieter told about a recurring dream that he had. I recognised it as a variation on a dream that I once had myself, but the dream of Pieter is much better. In this dream Pieter walks in Rotterdam, the city where he lives, and knows the way to a part of town where many records stores are, where you can buy all the records you have ever dreamed of and more. He is the only person that knows about these record stores. But in reality this part of town doesn’t exist, neither do the records exist that he buys there at night. ” There is such a quarter in Antwerp and London too,” told Pieter.
I once was in a small town in Germany with the guitarist of the band that I played drums in. We were both fans of the early Restless songs, some of which we tried to cover with our band. In this German town we discovered a record store that sold a few Restless LP’s that were completely unknown to us. As far as we knew these records were not known to exist! We bought the records, and I had that the brilliant idea, that if we played these songs with our own band, nobody would know they were actually from Restless.
When I woke up that morning and the memories of this dream faded away rapidly, I felt ashamed that I had come up with such an idea. I would never do such a thing in real life!
Pieter gave me a small package that morning, with some new artwork of his, and a 78rpm record of Joe Daniels & his Hotshots. I mentioned him a while ago here. Now I suddenly have three records of the man, although one is damaged. The record I got from Pieter is perfect condition. Here is Boogie for Googie.